We have first-hand experience of what it is like to come from the hardest places. Whether it is reintegrating back into society after time spent in prison, overcoming imbedded ethnic stereotypes, or beating a history of drug addiction and homelessness, StarUp CIC is founded by those who have experienced these things.

In the prison system, a young offender is said to be ‘starred up’ if they are moved to an adult prison because of bad behaviour. For most, that marks yet another step towards a life of crime. Only some manage to escape this path. Are they to blame for the course they have taken, or is society?

We believe that people are shaped by their environments. The path of a person’s life is shaped by the opportunities that are afforded to them in life, as well as their own individual characters. StarUp CIC exists to provide a way for those who have been excluded, marginalised and misrepresented to not only re-join society but to fairly engage with the opportunities that others have been afforded. In particular, access to work and training that allows them to fulfil their dreams whilst also supporting them to live as law-abiding citizens. It is about giving them a new start.

* * *

Our work is based upon three core principles:-

Partnerships, collaboration and sharing

Great things can be achieved by people and organisations working together – far more than working alone. StarUp CIC is committed to building partnerships in every aspect of our work. We want to create and empower mutually supportive networks within a sharing environment. If you are interested in becoming a partner, or collaborating with us on a project, please contact us.

Early intervention

The sooner a problem can be addressed, the easier it is to overcome; even better is to address a problem before it arises. That is why we want to try and provide work and training opportunities to people as early in their lives as possible, and to share our knowledge with as many organisations as possible. But at no point do we give up on someone simply because of their age, background or position. Even if they are in prison for the third or more time, we aim to help them.

Championing diversity

A diverse, inclusive society is the hallmark of an advanced democracy. People from different backgrounds have unique skill sets, which – if respected and celebrated – can make society a more resilient and vibrant place. Overcoming stereotypes and prejudices towards marginalised groups will strengthen communities and create opportunities for all.